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UDC 628.32:65.012.45

Khrenov K. E., Potemin A. A., Sapozhnikov S. I.

Planning and Control over Power Consumption at Objects of the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise Mosvodokanal


The description of a project of creation and introduction of the Automated information system of planning and control over power consumption by objects of the MSUE Mosvodokanal is presented. The urgency of execution of these works is determined by possibility of effective optimization of expenses for power consumption which share is essential in the structure of expenses of the enterprise, owing to the access to the wholesale market of electric power. The special attention is paid to the purpose of the automated system, its architectural and technical decisions, functional; screen forms are presented. Introduction of the system at objects of the MSUE Mosvodokanal has made it possible to organize electric equipment operation in an optimal mode and has ensured the considerable economic effect.

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