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PANKOVA G. A., Petrov S. V.

The experience of operating wastewater sludge incineration plants  at SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»


The experience of operating wastewater sludge incineration plants at the facilities of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» is reported. The technology of fluidized-bed sludge incineration is described. The process takes place by means of the calorific capacity of dewatered wastewater sludge. The heat generated in the process of incineration is a secondary energy resource and is utilized in the process for heating blast air, working area and generation of electrical power at the wastewater treatment facilities. The processes of cleaning flue gases generated in the incineration process are compared. The methods of wet and dry flue gas scrubbing are used at the sludge inci­neration facilities. The quality of scrubbed gases meets the regulatory requirements. The measures taken for improving the reliability and efficiency of operating the plant at the Central wastewater treatment plant of St. Petersburg are described. The experience gained was taken into account in designing sludge incineration facilities at the South-West and North wastewater treatment plants. All the plants adopted the technology of fluidized-bed incineration of sludge. The plants provide for incinerating the entire amount of sludge generated at the wastewater treatment facilities of St. Petersburg.

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