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UDC 628.316.12

Rublevskaya O. N., PANKOVA G. A., Leonov L. V., Kolosov D. E.

Approbation of Glint artificial aluminosilicate sorbent for tertiary treatment of biologically treated domestic wastewater


The results of pilot tests of synthetic aluminosilicate sorbent under Glint trademark in comparison with AG-3 granulated activated carbon are presented. The study was carried out with effluent from the North Wastewater Treatment Plant of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg». The following parameters were determined in the effluent samples: рН, suspended solids concentration, phosphate as P, anionic surfactants, ions of iron, zinc, aluminium, nickel, copper and manganese. Glint sorbent is aluminosilicate granular material with effective surface and contains exchangeable ions of calcium and magnesium. Glint material proved itself in the treatment of industrial wastewater contaminated with heavy metal ions but not contaminated with organics and complexing compounds.

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