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Kofman V. Ya.

Culturing microalgae for nutrients removal from wastewater (review)


Research works in the field of microalgae culturing with the use of wastewater as substrate have gained ground overseas. In this way the removal of nutrients used for biomass growth as well as of some heavy metals and other pollutants is provided. A description of process flow schemes of wastewater treatment combined with microalgae culturing and basic indicators of wastewater treatment facilities operation is presented. Three options of retrofitting a microalgae culturing plot are considered: at the end of the process flow scheme for enhanced nutrients removal from wastewater and biomass production as a raw material for biofuel; at the beginning of the process flow scheme with possible utilization of both nutrients for microalgae culturing and organic carbon that improves the biomass output; the scheme that provides for feeding only nutrient enriched solution from dewatering aerobically digested sludge are considered. Microalgae can be a valuable raw material for production of biofuel, food supplements, fertilizers, soil conditioners and adsorbents. However, for the implementation of such schemes large production areas are required, therefore their use is expedient for small-scale treatment facilities or facilities located in small towns or rural areas. Beside that a solution for some technological problems is required. The keen interest in the research in this field in different countries shows that the wastewater treatment technology with the use of culturing microalgae is an upcoming trend for experts.

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