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Vatin N. I., PANKOVA G. A., Leonov L. V., Probirsky M. D., Rublevskaya O. N., Chechevichkin A. V., Iakunin L. A.

Test operation of FOPS® filter with natural zeolite
for infiltrate polluted surface runoff treatment


Infiltration effluent often causes heavy pollution of surface runoff with heavy metal ions. The purpose of the present work was testing the operation in-situ of a cartridge filter with natural zeolite for surface runoff treatment polluted with heavy metals from infiltrate. The results of studying the level of pollution of storm runoff from industrial site are presented. As part of the study the following challenges were addressed: study of formation of surface runoff heavily polluted with infiltrate at the site and treatment options; implementation of sorption-filtration technology in a real project with the use of filters for surface runoff treatment (FOPS®) installed in sewer manholes; evaluation of the possible removal of heavy metal ions from real runoff with natural zeolite-clinoptololite. Possible purification of the studied runoff with the use of FOPS®-TS filter with natural zeolite was substantiated. It was shown that ultra high concentrations of aluminium, zinc and copper are formed in infiltrate entering the drainage system on site. Using FOPS®-TS filter provided for the high efficiency of aluminium, zinc, copper and iron removal during the test period (April – October).

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