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Khrenov K. E., KOZLOV M. N., GRACHEV V. A., Shchegolkova N. M., Vanyushina A. Ya.

Investigation of properties of new soils produced from water sludge


The properties of soil produced from the sludge generated at the water treatment plants have been investigated. A new method of soil production has been developed. Biotesting with the use of two biotests (Ceriodaphniaand Infusoria) revealed some admissible soil toxicity while water stability was assessed as excellent. The comprehensive physical analysis showed that the addition of water sludge into loam soil enhances active processes of structure formation. The soil is well structured, resistant to unfavorable mechanical, physical and chemical impacts including acid-based solutions. The presented soil is recommended for grassplot formation as well as for biofuel crop cultivation. The grassplots formed with the new type of soil showed rather high resistance to drying up during the extremely hot summer of 2010.

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