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Boldyrev K. A., KUZMIN V. V., KURANOV N. P.

The method of calculating heavy metal release from the layer of water body bottom deposits


The basics of the method of predicting heavy metal distribution between water and solid phases of bottom deposits in water bodies is outlined. Compared to other models of calculating heavy metal distribution between bottom deposits and void water the developed methodology takes into account the ongoing geochemical processes at the improved level with the use of advanced methods of geochemical modeling. An example of calculating heavy metal distribution under the conditions of the chemical composition of the solution changing with the use of advanced calculation methods in PhreeqC 2.18 program code is presented. The method can be used for the following tasks: geological mapping of the pollution of bottom deposits with heavy metals in water reservoirs and lakes; evaluation of the impact of bottom deposits on the chemical composition of water in water reservoirs and lakes; evaluation of the possible elimination of bottom deposits pollution or their immobilization and other measures of mitigating their impact on the water quality; evaluation of bottom deposits removal during dredging and also for solving the problem of their further utilization; evaluation of the possible instantaneous release of heavy metals from polluted bottom deposits and other emergency situations.

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