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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.03.09
UDC 628.24

Shuvalov M. V., Tarakanov D. I.

The use of pipes made of various materials for the construction of sewer networks


The results of the analysis of data on sewer networks in settlements of Russia as of 2014–2019 are presented. All settlements are divided into six groups depending on the number of inhabitants. For each group, the distribution of sewer networks is established depending on the material of the pipes. Сeramic and cast iron pipes have been most widely used over the past 100 years. Schedules for commissioning sewer networks made of various materials over the years have been developed. Over the past 20 years plastic pipes have gained widespread use accounting for about 50% of newly constructed sewer networks. Information was collected on the commissioning dates of individual sections of sewer networks. The largest number of the operating sewer networks was built between 1970 and 1979. In general, the standard service life for 55% of networks was exceeded in all settlements. In the coming years, a significant increase is expected in the share of plastic pipes in the total length of sewer networks.

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UDC 621.644

Orlov V. А., Zotkin S. P.

Energy conservation in applying protection coatings by trenchless technologies


The analysis of trenchless technologies and different types of inner protection pipe coatings for ensuring the energy conservation effect during water transportation is presented. Circular pipes and pipes with deformed shape profile, fusion-bonded linings based on inorganic and organic materials are considered as protective coatings. Possible achievement of energy conservation in applying protective coatings by trenchless technologies of renovating water pressure pipelines on the basis of running meter of the pipeline length per year was studied. On the basis of the designed computer-aided program a comprehensive evaluation of energy efficient Swagelining technology that involved pulling new preliminary thermomechanically contracted polymer pipes through the old pipeline was carried out. The computer-aided program for calculating the operation parameters of a pressure pipeline subject to rehabilitation with preliminary contracted polymer pipes allows the designers of making efficient and prompt decisions by event simulation and the use of a wide range of polymer pipes of the relative diameter and SDR value (ratio of the diameter to the pipe wall thickness).

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