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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.10.03
UDC 628.1/.3:303.6

Pukemo M. M., Pupyrev E. I.

Information security of the water supply and sanitation utilities as in the case of the Baikal natural area (in order of discussion)


A new concept for wastewater metering and charging for the sanitation services for the Russian Federation is considered. Introducing multilevel digital control of water consumption and sanitation services rendered to the customers, operating companies and treatment facilities in order to reduce the ecological risks and environmental damage from illegal wastewater disposal by the customers is proposed. A new mechanism for collecting and consolidating information data from water supply and sanitation facilities has been developed that provides for implementing the concept of sustainable water use, improving the quality of service of sanitation systems, reducing the operating costs and failure rate. It is proposed to introduce a number of amendments in regional legislation related to charging for water consumption and sanitation services.

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