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UDC 681.518.5

Galiullin M. F., Gurskii V. A., Krichkovskii E. V., Bychkov D. A.

Improving the efficiency of production processes with the use of mobile devices


«Rosvodokanal Tyumen» specialists have been actively using mobile the geographic information system for solving the problems of operating water supply and sewer networks over the past two years. This application has been designed by «Politerm» company (St. Petersburg) for devices based on Android 4.2 (and higher) operating system. The main advantages of using mobile GIS are as follows: the advanced level of inventory and certification of water and wastewater facilities; centralized data storage and quick access to the information; navigation on the ground; quick identification of a water or sewer manhole; reduction of time for decision making by the operations control service; decrease in production losses due to the reduction of time for search of manholes; high-quality planning and reduction of «idle» visits of emergency crews; improving the efficiency of ensuring fire safety.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.04.05
UDC 628.14:004.415.53

Rozhnov Evgenii, Siksina Ekaterina

The phases of implementing the industrial electronic model
of the water supply and wastewater disposal systems


To provide for sorting and analyzing the data on the water distribution and sewer network system in Novokuznetsk and to avoid multiple data duplication in various IT environments, it was decided to introduce the product of Potok data processing center – HydroGraph Information and Graphic System from the product line under CityComTM trademark. Currently, HydroGraph system has been in active use by many divisions of Vodokanal, LLC. Planning an operational program today is no longer possible without HydroGraph system. The system provides for issuing the performance specifications, preparing for shutdowns, compiling work execution plans, signing contracts with new customers, and upgrading the water supply and wastewater disposal systems. The development of a meaningful, verified and continuously updated database made it possible to quickly and conveniently solve many problems. Therein it ensures improved efficiency and accuracy of repair planning, cost reduction and generally rational operation of the water supply and wastewater disposal system in Novokuznetsk.

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