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UDC 330.322:628.1/2

Petukhov O. E., Oleinikov D. A.

Investment projects implemented in Rostov Vodokanal


«Evraziiskii» JSC has been implementing two large-scale infrastructure projects in the Rostov Area with a total cost of more than 41 billion rubles. These projects are «The Rostov Water» and «The Clean Don River». The investments will provide for developing an integrated and efficient water and wastewater infrastructure of the city of Rostov-on-Don with an account for the development needs of the city for the next 30 years. «The Rostov Water» is the biggest not only in Russia but also in the Eastern Europe investment project in the water sector implemented on the PPP principle. The project covers the territory with a population of more than 1.2 million people. The project implementation period is 2004–2023. «The Clean Don River» project is aiming at the development of the elements of the public wastewater disposal infrastructure of the city of Rostov-on-Don that will provide for improving the living conditions of the population by improving the level of wastewater treatment; connecting more customers to the municipal sewer; improving the environmental safety of wastewater treatment. The project is being implemented on the PPP principle. The project includes constructing the first stage of No. 62 sewer, upgrading the second stage of the wastewater treatment facilities with improving the capacity, constructing a number of utilities on the wastewater treatment facilities site by a private investor. Implementing «The Clean Don River» project will provide for eliminating the infrastructure problems that limit the development of industrial and housing construction in Rostov-on-Don, improving the living conditions of the citizens, business, economic activities, and investment attractiveness of the city.

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UDC 349.6:628.1/.3

Sapozhnikova V. A.

About the Necessity of Legislation Enhancement in Order to Stimulate the Formation and Development of Environmental Services Sector for Water and Wastewater Treatment in Russia


The intensive development of the global market of environmental services, water supply and wastewater treatment services constitute a considerable proportion, is one of macroeconomic tendencies. Foreign experts note the underdevelopment of this sector in Russia. The issues of functioning and prospects of development of the environmental services sector for water supply and wastewater treatment in Russia with due regard for legal and organizational aspects are considered. Key obstacles to the development of ecological industry and innovations (imperfection of the legislation and institutional environment, the scantiness of investment activity of private investors) are identified. Suggestions about the need to take legislative, administrative and organizational measures to stimulate the development of the environmental services sector for water supply and wastewater treatment are made.

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UDC 628.144:330.322

Prodous O. A., Chernyshov L. N., Dronov A. A., Dzhanbekov B. A.

Cost optimization for the implementation of «Teberdinsky group water main in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya» investment project


A financial model for the return of investment funds for the construction of a gravity-pressure water main (100 km long with the elevation difference of 800 m) that has no analogues in world practice is presented. A dynamic method for evaluating an investment project was used that involved the calculation of five indicators: NPV, PI, DPP, IC and ARR. The analysis of the above calculated indicators was carried out on the basis of which conclusions were concretized concerning cost indicators for the development of project documentation, works on the construction and erection of a water main and in-line structures, tariffs, construction time, payback period, performance of payments for water, etc. The advantage of the investment project is that the quick repayment of credit funds is provided from two directions – from the sale of drinking water to the population and from the sale of the electricity generated in the operation of the water main.

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