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UDC 628.316.13

Strelkov A. K., Teplykh S. Yu., Nosova E. G.

Treatment of chrome-containing wastewater of fur tanning factories


The results of studying the treatment of chrome-containing wastewater of fur tanning factories are presented. In the process of leather and fur tanning big amounts of wastewater containing raw material and wastes of chemicals, dyes and trimmings used for dressing are generated. A process flow scheme of wastewater treatment for the factories with a capacity of more than 200 m3/day is suggested. Theoretic substantiation of the use of standard and new chemicals is given. With the purpose of studying the physical and chemical characteristics of the total industrial waste flow observations of the pollution composition and mathematical processing of the data obtained were carried out. Studying the methods of fur tanning wastewater in context of the environmental safety showed that the pre­ference shall be given to chemical methods as well to electro-coagulation with chemical tertiary treatment that provides for the efficient treatment of such wastewater. The substantiation of technical and economic expediency of the treatment facilities construction is given.

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