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UDC 628.311

Palagin E. D., Strelkov A. K., Bykova P. G., Tsypin A. V., Vdovin D. V.

Rainfall parameters for the calculation of the capacity  of surface runoff treatment facilities


The summarized data on the maximum depth of the rainfall that is completely removed to the treatment facilities (like the runoff from the group 1 residential and industrial areas in big cities of the Russian Federation) is presented. The analysis of the revealed regularities was carried out. The calculated values of the rainfall depth obtained in the course of observations at 87 meteorological stations on the territory of the Russian Federation are needed for calculating the capacity of the surface runoff treatment facilities and can be used in the process of making designs for settlements where the data of the meteorological stations is representative. The rainfall depth that provides for removing at least 70 % of the annual rainfall to the treatment facilities in most cases corresponds to the upper limit of the recommended range of 5–10 mm.

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