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UDC 504.06:628.5

Ponomareva L. S.

On the Issue of Payment for Pollution of Water Objects


Issues of the definition of payment base and amounts of payment for pollution of water objects from of validity and justice positions are considered. The modified approach to definition of payment base on the basis of comparability and general control over water quality indices is offered. Instead of deciphering of water chemical composition the brief list of compositions and properties characteristics reflecting the negative influence on water objects – mineralization (salt content), transparency and turbidity, eutrophy, oxygen and heat conditions, general radioactivity and toxic effects – is offered. Coefficients of the reduction of chemical indices and formulas of calculation by temperature and toxicity for definition of the value of water resources depletion as a result of pollution limiting or excluding their authorized use for specific purposes are proposed. Feasible methods of the cost estimate of the value of water resources depletion with corrective coefficients defining the degree of resistance of wastewater to biological decomposition in a water object and the degree of danger brought to light on the basis of comparison of the level of water resources depletion by a concrete discharge with a real diluting capability of a concrete water object near the discharge range are presented. It is requested to test the approach proposed and compare the results obtained with amounts of payments collected now.

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