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UDC 628.356

Kharkina O. V., Shotina K. V.

Research in Operation of Nitri-Denitrification Aerotanks with Heightened Doses of Activated Sludge


Specialists of the MSUE Mosvodokanal have developed the technological method making it possible to develop purposefully activated sludge having a sludge index reduced stably for technology of biogenic elements removal and heightened speed of sedimentation. It makes it possible to increase the oxidation capacity of aerotanks as regard the chemical oxygen consumption and ammonium nitrogen. In the issue of pilot studies carried out the rise of oxidation capacity by 1,6–1,7 times owing to the change of technological conditions of the unit operation has been achieved. The method developed makes it possible to reconstruct aerotanks for biological treatment of wastewater for nitrogen and phosphorus without reduction of hydraulic loading.

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