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UDC 628.292.62-192

Il'in Iu. A., IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu., Melnik E. A., Probirsky M. D.

Influence of Tear-and-Wear of Vertical Pumps on Reliability, Safety and Power Consumption of Sewerage Pumping Stations


Results of the study of influence of tear-and-wear of vertical pumps on reliability, safety and power consumption of sewerage pumping stations on the example of the Main pumping station of the Central aeration station of St. Petersburg are presented. Principal points of the methods of calculation of reliability of pumping stations operation are expounded. The methodology formalized with the use of programs for a computer can be applied for concrete calculations of reliability of such pumping stations. The safety of a wastewater disposal system, conditions of urban human environment, ground water, water basins, and profitability of the SUE St. Petersburg Vodokanal’s enterprises depend on reliability of operation of stations with a designed discharge rate of up to 1,5 mill. m3/day.

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UDC 628.

Ignatchik S. Iu.

Energy conservation and reliability assurance in upgrading sewage pumping stations


The main principles of reliability and energy conservation calculation method for designing the upgrade of local sewage pumping stations that are transferring wastewater to the treatment facilities are presented. When preparing a feasibility study of the project design the technology and probability indices of reliability for each element of the process part of the pumping station together with probabilistic and individual dimension reliability are determined. The option of upgrading the process part is selected with account of the environmental requirements and investment efficiency of the project.

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