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UDC 628.

KINEBAS A. K., PANKOVA G. A., LOMBAS S. V., JUDIN M. Iu., Il'in Iu. A., IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu.

Methods of Monitoring of Sewerage Pumping Stations (on the example of SPS № 10 of the St. Petersburg’s water disposal system)


Methods of the monitoring of sewerage pumping stations tested at the SPS № 10 of St. Petersburg are presented. These methods allow to determine (taking into account the changes in the receiving tank – pumps – network system during the operation) technological characteristics of reliability of the pumping station operation necessary for selection of pumps and substantiation of power saving decision at reconstruction.

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UDC 628.162


Improvement of a Design Model of Operation of a Ring Water Supply Network


Issues of improvement of the design model of operation of the ring water supply network taking into account statistical data on its operation are considered. It is proposed to make corrections in the standards of water supply systems designing and supplement them with execution of reliability calculations of the ring water supply network.

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