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UDC 628.32:62-192

GALPERIN E. M., Komarov D. S.

On integrity and maintenance of sewers


The issues of the integrity and maintenance of gravity sections of sewers are discussed. The pipelines (water, heat and gas) of the municipal utility infrastructure are characterized by pressure flow of the work product. Depressurization in such pipelines causes failures. Determining the initial stage of a gravity sewer failure is very difficult; therefore minor pipe leakages under small pressure can continue for prolonged periods. This fact requires sewer regular maintenance to ensure its integrity. However, the regulatory documents in many cases do not take into account the operation experience. Main sewer failures are blockages and structural damages. To reduce the number of blockages it is suggested to increase the minimum diameter of outdoor sewer pipes to 200 mm. To improve the conditions for sewer repair draining of pipes is recommended. A layout of installing a permanent bypass for sewer section draining for inspection, maintenance and repairs is suggested. Relatively small length of the drained sections (150–200 m) will provide for laying bypass pipe with significant fall eliminating excess digging in so that high liquid velocities and flows are ensured, and reduced bypass dia­meter and energy saving are predetermined. Permanent bypasses provide for high quality maintenance that in the long run extends the service life of the facilities.

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