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Fisenko V. N.

Energy saving in operating deep wells for underground water abstraction


The share of energy costs in the operating expenditures structure reaches 85%. Taking into consideration the requirements to the reduction of СО2 emissions into the atmosphere as well as the necessity of reducing the costs and water tariffs, energy saving is the priority task for the housing and utility enterprises, industrial, agricultural companies and water and wastewater services providers that are operating deep wells. Different options of installing water lifting equipment in deep wells are considered. The energy efficiency comparison was made on the basis of the software designed by Wilo Company (Germany), pump manufacturer. The specific features of hydraulic calculations of the combined operation of the pump and the well are considered. The data on the structural concepts for deep wells that provide for saving energy spent directly on underground water lifting is set. The economic and financial mechanism of inducing the measures to reduce the energy consumption by water and wastewater services providers on the basis of the conditions of their foreign investment self-sufficiency development is illustrated.

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