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UDC 628.112.24:621.65.05

Galiullin M. F., Maksimov A. A., Rodin N. V., Bychkov D. A., Gerasimov D. S., Ionov A. N.

Introducing degassing systems to improve the operation efficiency of water pumping stations in Tumen


Second elevation pumping stations are an integral part of the water treatment facilities and supply drinking water to the municipal water distribution network. Water is pumped out of the service reservoirs. As a rule they are buried reinforced-concrete facilities. To provide for the sustainable operation of the «service reservoir-pump» system the competent management of the water levels in the reservoirs is an essential condition during pump operating at any water supply range. Affected by the objective and judgmental factors the operation of this part of the process scheme can be either insufficiently reliable to ensure continuous water supply to the city, or insufficiently efficient for the water treatment process in relation to the energy consumption. The similar situation can be observed in Tumen; to different extents it is related to two water intakes – Metelevskii and Velizhanskii. Possibly this problem is not exceptional for Tumen; it may be observed in other cities. Based on the Tumen experience it is shown that changing the operation mode of the pumping station supplying water to the city provides for reducing the energy consumption by 5.6% and the number of emergency team visits to the wells. The results of the conducted measures assume further improvement of the reliability and efficiency of the water distribution network operation. Furthermore, it is essential to develop an algorithm of the optimal operation of the first elevation pumping station (with pump replacement) and treatment facilities, and to computerize the process.

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UDC 628.112.2


Specific features of underground water use for water supply in Russia


The aspects of using underground water for water supply in Russia are considered. Changes in the system of underground water abstraction, the lack of uniform technical policy in the field of underground water protection from depletion, drilling of water wells without adequate control from hydrogeological and administrative services caused deterioration of drinking water quality and in general can culminate in underground water resources depletion. The consequences of these activities have already partially manifested. The problems of technical completion of water wells are touched upon, the causes of well abandonment are specified. The aspects of energy saving in water well operation are considered.

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