"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №1 2009

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A. B. Shcheglyaev.
75 Years of Service for Country's Water Economy


V. S. Alekseev.
Use of Ground Water for Domestic and Potable Purposes
It is told about the role of NII VODGEO in the history of creation of a normative basis for evaluation of reserves and use of ground water, and innovations in this field specifying the possibility to issue a water use licence after project development and its expertise.
Key words: ground water, reserves, anthropogenic pollution, water intake, water protection zone.
UDC 628.112.556.38
E. I. Prokhorov, I. A. Nechaev.
Improvement of Industrial Enterprises Water Economy
The multi-year experience of research and developments by NII VODGEO and main directions of perfection of industrial enterprises water use systems based on the detailed analysis of water balance, improvement in operation of cooling recirculated systems and creation of technological recirculated water cycles with local treatment and return of treated wastewater to production are presented.
Key words: water use systems, recirculated water system, water balance, technological cycles, cooling towers, cooling, water quality, reuse, local treatment, wastewater.
UDC 628.179.387.2
E. V. Seredkina, V. G. Teslya.
Reagentless Treatment of Ground Water of Complicated Composition
A comparative assessment of the conditioning technologies of ground water of complicated composition at ground facilities and in a water-bearing layer proper is presented. It is shown that reagentless treatment of ground water with multi-component pollution can be implemented at an intrastratal treatment unit only.
Key words: ground water, water treatment, reagents, intrastratal treatment, deferrization, demanganization.
UDC 628.162.1
V. N. Shvetsov.
Scientific School of NII VODGEO - Biological Treatment of Wastewater
It is told about the formation of a scientific school of NII VODGEO - biological treatment of wastewater. The results of research conducted by the NII VODGEO Laboratory of Flow Charts in the field of biological treatment of waste and natural water are presented.
Key words: natural and industrial wastewater, mathematical model, biosorption-membrane treatment, design, nitri-denitrification, kinetic constants, fermentative kinetic equations, xenobiotics, classificator.
UDC 628.35.001.891
K. M. Morozova.
Principles of Calculation of Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems
A calculation of biological wastewater treatment facilities should be made on the basis of experimentally received parameters of kinetics of polluting substances oxidation or the data bank of kinetics constants and coefficients for each limiting index depending on requirements for quality of treated water.
Key words: biological treatment, nitrification, denitrification, activated sludge, immobilized microflora, kinetics of oxidation.
UDC 628.35.001.2
I. A. Bogateev, A. S. Kerin, A. P. Sakhno, K. A. Kerin.
Development, Designing and Realization of Wastewater Sludge Treatment System
Complex works of NII VODGEO on development and introduction of wastewater sludge treatment technologies include carrying out of research with the establishment of technological regulations for design of sludge treatment facilities, execution of design, assembly and commissioning works at the objects of various water treatment systems with complete supply of technological equipment and reagents. The development of technological processes and their instrumentation is carried out for each object individually.
Key words: wastewater, sludge, research, composition, class of hazard, dewatering, regulations, equipment, screw centrifuge, belt press filters.
UDC 628.336.57
N. P. Kuranov, N. N. Rozanov, E. A. Timofeeva.
Calculation of Risk of Accidents at Hydraulic Engineering Works
An approach to the evaluation of risk of accidents at hydraulic engineering works - true for the evaluation of risks caused by air blast, heat radiation under fires and , toxic effect under accidents with toxic substances et al. is proposed. Methods of realization of five stages of evaluation of risk at hydraulic engineering works are described; for the last three stages the new methods not used before are proposed.
Key words: accident, hydraulic engineering works safety, effect, doze, risk, damage.
UDC 626.01.004.6
B. S. Leznov.
Automation of Water Supply and Water Distribution System
Problems of automation of water supply and water disposal systems in real time by main and auxiliary parameters in big cities having several sources of water supply are considered. An example of realization of technical decisions developed is presented.
Key words: water supply and water distribution systems, water supply networks, pumping stations, dispatching control, hydraulic systems, flow meters, reservoirs, automation, regulated electric drive, joint systems of automated control.
UDC 658.52.011.56:628.15
A. B. Shcheglyaev, P. A. Ivkin, E. V. Dvinskikh, N. S. Latyshev, D. M. Lyubopytov, A. V. Kazakov.
Experience of Designing of Water Supply and Sewage Works
The experience in designing water intake facilities, ground water deferrization stations, surface sources water treatment stations, facilities for treatment of domestic water with the low content of organic substances, units for treatment of sludge from water supply and sewage treatment facilities, units for disinfection of potable water and wastewater treated is presented.
Key words: designing, construction, reconstruction, wastewater, treatment facilities, sludge, disinfection, water supply, design documentation.
UDC 628.
N. P. Kuranov, P. N. Kuranov.
Normative Requirements for Systems of Engineering Protection against Underflooding
Approaches to the formulation of normative requirements for designing of engineering protection systems against underflooding of territories and objects have been analysed. A general conception of determination of permissible risk for an approach based on evaluation of risk because of territory underflooding is presented.
Key words: systems of engineering protection against underflooding, hydraulic engineering works, methods of risk evaluation, classification of underflooding risk zones, recoupment of investments, damages because of underflooding.
UDC 69.055.22:556.3.004.1
V. V. Kuzmin.
Evaluation of Efficiency of Measures Taken to Rehabilitate Ground Water
An algorithm of evaluation of efficiency of works done to remove a free phase of oil products for its use in the territory of ground water contaminated with hydrocarbon is presented.
Key words: oil products, contamination, ground water, rock, saturation, capillary pressure, monitoring, rehabilitation.
UDC 628.192:556.388
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