"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №10 (part 1) 2009

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S. V. Khramenkov.
Look into the Future: Today and Tomorrow of the Moscow Water Supply System
Main directions of development of the Moscow water supply system, the integral part of the city infrastructure and one of the most important systems of life support of Muscovites, are presented.
Key words: water supply system, water saving, potable water quality, reliability, safety, modernization.
UDC 628.1


E. V. Shushkevich, A. V. Karpushenko, V. O. Polyanin.
The Use and Protection of Potable Water Supply Sour ces
Conditions of formation of water quality in potable water supply sources of Moscow are expounded. Main reasons for contamination of natural water as a result of anthropogenic activities at water collecting territories of rivers and lakes are enumerated. For the Moskva water source the problem of entering of contaminants is on the agenda as one of the most acute. Main methods of the solution of problem of water quality in water sources as well as measures aimed at enhancement of aqueous medium are specified.
Key words: surface water supply sources, potable water, storm and domestic wastewater, treatment facilities.
UDC 614.777:628.1.033
V. N. Porshnev, O. E. Blagova.
Enhancement of Potable Water Quality
Criteria specifying the potable water quality in national and international normative documents are considered. Results of the operation of the Moscow centralized water supply system and experience of the enhancement of water quality as a result of introduction of new normative specifications are presented.
Key words: potable water, water treatment station, safety criteria, normative indexes.
UDC 628.1.033
V. N. Porshnev, E. M. Priven.
Conversion of Moscow Water Treatment Stations to the Use of Sodium Hypochlorite
The conversion of water treatment stations to the use of sodium hypochlorite is realized for the purpose of improving both ecological and industrial safety of the Moscow water supply system and in accordance with the basic directions of the General Scheme of City Water Supply. At present the construction of storehouses at the Western water treatment station has been completed.
Key words: water treatment stations, disinfection, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, potable water, safety.
UDC 628.162.8:661.41
Mosvodokanal starts new investment projects 30
K. E. Khrenov, M. N. Kozlov, A. V. Koverga, V. P. Podkovyrov, I. Yu. Arutyunova.
Investigations of the Center of Improvement of Water Treatment Technique According to High-priority Directions of Water Supply Systems Development
The Center of Improvement of Water Treatment Technique is an innovation subdivision of the MSUE Mosvodokanal that investigates modern techniques of water treatment before their industrial introduction, seeks for solutions of technological issues beyond the bounds of daily operation. The Center involves the experimental water treatment stations at the Moskva and the Volga water sources, laboratories and analytic groups.
Key words: water treatment, deodorization, filtration, disinfection, chlorination, carbon, sludge.
UDC 628.16.001.2
A. V. Koverga, O. E. Blagova, Yu. V. Strikhar.
Reduction of Organochlorine Compounds Content at the Moscow Water Treatment Stations
The problem of generation of organochlorine compounds in the course of potable water treatment at the Moscow water treatment stations is considered. Efficient measures of reduction of chlorphenol concentration during the treatment process taking into account normative requirements are proposed.
Key words: potable water, chloroform, sorption, preliminary ammonation, residual chlorine.
UDC 628.162.843
A. V. Koverga, I. Yu. Arutyunova, B. V. Malyshev.
Increase of Effectiveness of Water Clarification Process
An automatically regulated variant of the clarification block realized at one of process lines of the experimental water treatment station at the Rublevskaya water treatment station is presented. Long-term operation of this facility has shown its flexibility, economy, excellent operation characteristics, and the highest technological efficiency. Such organization of the process makes it possible to eliminate all main shortcomings typical for water treatment facilities operated at the Moscow water supply stations with minimal possible expenses.
Key words: water treatment, clarification, chromaticity, permanganate oxidizability, coagulation, flocculation.
UDC 628.16.066
A. V. Koverga, I. Yu. Arutyunova.
Complex Assessment of Membrane Technologies Based on Results of Pilot Tests with the Moskva and the Volga Water
The assessment of different variants of flow charts with the use of membrane filtration for advanced treatment of the Moskva and the Volga water is made. Results of the tests of membranes of different types have shown both their high efficiency and possibility of their use at different stages of water treatment and in combination with other state-ofthe art methods of treatment as well.
Key words: membrane element, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microbiological contamination, efficiency of treatment, turbidity, chromaticity, permanganate oxidizability.
UDC 628.16:62-278.001.2
V. E. Alekhin, V. Yu. Butin.
Operational Experience of Polyethylene Pipes
It is told about an experience of the use of polyethylene pipes at the Moscow water supply system. Advantages of polyethylene pipes with protective coating in the course of both new pipelines laying and renovation of pipelines reconstructed using the method of pulling are shown.
Key words: water supply system, pipelines, trench and trenchless techniques, polyethylene, horizontally directed drilling.
UDC 628.147.2:678.742.2
S. V. Parkhomenko, V. Yu. Butin.
Operational Experience of Well Hatches at the MSUE Mosvodokanal
It is told about operational experience of well hatches at water supply of Moscow. Design of floating well hatches made of reinforced concrete, polymer concrete, plastic or combined variants is recommended. To guarantee reliable maintenance of the hatch stock it is necessary to ensure interaction of road services and owners of well hatches.
Key words: underground engineering structures, wells, hatches, reliability, safety, operating life.
UDC 628.253
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 10 (part 1) 66

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