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At the XVII Congress of SR RAWSWD 3


A. I. Filatov.
About Standards of Water Consumption at Unstable Municipal Water Supply
Recommendations for the correction of norms of water consumption when supplying the water to inhabitants according to schedule under conditions of unstable municipal water supply are presented.
Key words: norms of water consumption, water supply interruptions, correction factor
UDC 628.173
E. V. Skorinko, M. A. Martynova, I. M. Bushmakina, N. I. Drozdova, M. M. Molchan, I. S. Yurchenko.
Conditions of Local Disinfection of Potable Water Aquadiv by Ozonization Method
Results of the studies of ozonization conditions of potable water Aquadiv making it possible to develop the technique of water purification and treatment before bottling are presented. Data on dynamics of microbiological characteristics of potable water quality after treatment with ozone are given.
Key words: ozone, potable water, disinfection, conservation, microbiological characteristics.
UDC 628.162.82:663.63/64
V. S. Alekseev, V. G. Teslya.
Criteria of Designing of Water Wells Filters
Criteria used for designing of a filter, a main constructive element of water wells, are presented. All the parameters of the filter: type, porosity, length, diameter, composition of gravel package and its thickness, size of clearing holes - should be substantiated in the design.
Key words: water well, drilling, granulometric composition, filter, sanding up, ground water.
UDC 628.
T. A. Ermilova, T. M. Grebenskaya, S. V. Morozov, S. A. Shilov.
Water Treatment for Secondary Pollutants at Water Supply Pumping Station in the Township of Strelna
Results of the practical use of pressure filtration for water aftertreatment for secondary pollutants (total iron, turbidity) at the water supply pumping station in the township of Strelna of St. Petersburg are considered.
Key words: water supply pumping station, pressure filter, total iron, turbidity, steel water conduits, disinfection, pure water reservoir.
UDC 628.162.1
E. S. Ganbarov, A. S. Safarova.
Enhancement of Efficiency of Water Treatment at Group Water Supply Stations of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Problems of the treatment of surface water of high turbidity at the group water supply stations for potable water supply are considered. It is recommended to use sorption with granular active coal for advanced water treatment for organic pollutants of anthropogenic origin.
Key words: turbidity, soil humus, phenols, oil products, organochlorine pesticides, reagents, sorption.
UDC 628.
A. V. Semenchenko.
Equipment of Wate Tec Series of the MONO NOV Company
G. V. Yagov, A. M. Tatareva.
Instrument and Methodic Provisions of Measurements of Total Carbon Concentration
Problems of the control over content of different carbon forms in natural water using the method of high temperature oxidation in presence of a catalyzer are considered. The design and principle of operation of the TOPAZ-S liquid analyzer and results of the test measurements of the content of total, organic and inorganic carbon as well are presented. A possibility of realization of the GOST R 52991-2008 requirements for control over content of total organic carbon in water with the help of the TOPAZ-S and TOPAZ-NC analyzers is shown.
Key words: water quality, total carbon, liquid analyzer, element analysis, carbon analyzer, ecological control, instrument control, chemical analysis.
UDC 543.3:628.1
V. D. Klimukhin, S. V. Posuponko, A. Yu. Skryabin, S. V. Nosov, I. V. Klimukhin.
The Use Of Thin-Layer Modules TUBEdek® in the Course of Reconstruction of Sewerage Treatment Facilities in the City of Rostov-on-Don
The reconstruction of the secondary settling tanks with the use of thin-layer modules is considered by an example of sewerage treatment facilities of Rostov-on-Don. Advantages and shortcomings of different thin-layer modules are shown. Results of the operation of thin-layer modules TUBEdek® in reconstructed secondary settling tanks are presented.
Key words: sewerage treatment facilities, thin-layer module, secondary settling tank, hydraulic characteristics.
UDC 628.334
E. A. Fokicheva.
Dephosphotation of High Concentrated Wastewater
Main methods of high concentrated wastewater treatment for phosphor compounds are considered. Results of the studies of wastewater dephosphotation processes at a pig-breeding complex with the use of ferric sulfate as a reagent are presented. Graphs of dependencies of efficiency of phosphor compounds removal from wastewater on a dose of ferric sulfate and place of reagent introduction are shown.
Key words: wastewater, separation of runoffs, phosphor removal, aeration tank, settling tank, ferric sulfate.
UDC 628.35:661.63
M. A. Dyagilev.
Calculation of Capacity of Receiving Tank of Sewerage Pumping Stations Equipped with Submerged Pump Units
Recommendations for calculation of the capacity of a receiving tank of sewerage pumping stations with submerged pump units are given.
Key words: submerged pump, maximum supply, inflow, number of activations, regulating volume.
UDC 628.293.001.24
Yu. M. Meshengisser, A. I. Shchetinin, N. A. Rulev, G. N. Gindin, O. A. Zyuzin, S. V. Kalinovsky, S. V. Kochetkova.
Removal of Biogenic Elements at the Shchelkovskie Inter-District Sewerage Treatment Facilities
The high level of removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from wastewater has been reached as a result of the step-by-step reconstruction of the Shchelkovskie inter-district sewerage treatment facilities without their shutdown and with introduction of modern technologies.
Key words: biogenic elements, aerotion tank, settling tank, return flow, removal of wastewater sludge.
UDC 628.35:661.5.63
S. E. Berezin.
Submerged Pumps Ingeteam-Indar for Natural and Waste Water
Submerged pump units Ingeteam-Indar for installation in water supply and water disposal systems are presented.
Key words: submerged pumps, supply, pressure, natural and waste water, static pressure, electric motor.
UDC 621.65
A. A. Trushnikov.
New Modification of Two-Pump Controller
A new modification of the two-pump DNK-3 controller meant for maintenance of a required level of wastewater in a receiving tank and for emergency protection of pumps' motors at sewerage pumping stations is presented.
Key words: submerged pump, controller, temperature and moisture sensors, liquid level, float switches.
UDC 621.398:62-531.3:621.65
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