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Yu. N. Pokhil.
In Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of MUE Gorvodokanal, the City of Novosibirsk
The activities of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Gorvodokanal of Novosibirsk in the field of provision of the city's population with centralized water supply and water disposal are described.
Key words: water supply, water disposal, pumping-filtering stations, water feeding, sludge treatment and utilization, reagents.
UDC 628.1.2


Yu. N. Pokhil, A. N. Galkin, Yu. G. Bagaev, A. M. Nikitin, A. I. Kotovskaya.
Main Directions of Improvement of Water Supply System of Novosibirsk
Main directions of the activities of the MUE Gorvodokanal, Novosibirsk, aimed at the improvement of reliability of water supply system, modernization of equipment, perfection of the potable water treatment technology with the guarantee of its safety are described. The Potable Water Quality Declaration of 2008 is presented.
Key words: water economy system, water supply network, waterintake facilities, pumping-filtering station, safety, reliability, hydraulic disperser, module, automatic dosing, technological process.
UDC 628.1(1-21)
Yu. G. Bagaev, V. N. Novoshintsev, A. N. Shokolov, N. N. Khanson, S. G. Dolgushin.
Ensuring Stable Operation of Water Intakes during Water Level Drop in the Ob River
The experience of reconstruction of Novosibirsk's water-intakes under the conditions of the permanent water level drop in the Ob River is described.
Key words: water-intake, water-intake bucket, level drop, pumping station, water-intake openings, submersible pumps, filters.
UDC 628.
A. I. Bivalkevich, E. M. Trofimovich, Yu. G. Bagaev, V. N. Novoshintsev.
Planning of Sanitary Protection Zones near Water Supply Sources and Water Lines
The legal and normative sections of modern projects of sanitary protection zones near water supply sources and water lines taking into account new requirements of the Town Planning and Water Codes of the Russian Federation are considered.
Key words: sanitary protection zone, water sources, water lines, water users, pumping-filtering station.
UDC 614.777.001.2
V. N. Novoshintsev, O. V. Shamara, E. E. Upadyshev, A. I. Bivalkevich.
Fish Protecting Facilities at Water-Intake Buckets of Pumping-Filtering Stations
The experience of development and introduction of fish protecting devices at water-intake buckets of Novosibirsk's pumping-filtering stations is described.
Key words: bucket water-intakes, fish protecting devices, fry, stream directing systems, air-bubble curtain.
UDC 628.113.1:626.882.9
A. M. Nikitin, A. V. Balygin.
Hydraulic Calculation of Water-Intake Chamber of Inshore Well at Transition Regimes of Operation
A system of linear differential equations for the hydraulic calculation of water intake chambers of water intake with water receiver flooded at starting transition regimes of pumping stations operation is presented.
Key words: water-intake chamber, gravity water main, flooded water receiver, water-intake, inertia head, dynamic level, static level.
UDC 628.
V. A. Zhagin, A. N. Shokolov, M. I. Urvantseva, N. D. Artemenok.
Treatment of Wash Water of Regulated Sources Water Stations
Methods of water stations wash water and sludge treatment are studied. A technology of wash water treatment without the return of water treated into head works is proposed.
Key words: wash water, horizontal flow sedimentation tank, highrate filter, regulated sources, sludge, sludge dewatering.
UDC 628.162.52:628.336.57
M. Yu. Radetsky, M. Yu. Maksurov, D. S. Ufimtsev.
Experience of Water Supply Networks Operation with Ensuring Their Reliable Work
Main measures carried out by the water supply service with the purpose of improving the efficiency of production activities are presented: these are reduction of unproductive water losses, optimization of water supply networks and pumping stations operation, introduction of new technologies (program complex of automated control system, hydraulic calculation) and equipment (pressure regulators, frequency-regulated drives et al.).
Key words: optimization, EPANET Program, hydraulic calculation, trenchless laying of pipelines, leak detector, location line detector, flow meter, pressure regulator, teleinspection.
UDC 628.147.2
V. M. Vasiliev, Yu. N. Po khil, L. N. Trubnikova, O. V. Ivanov.
Sewage Collectors of Novosibirsk
It is told about the state of main sewage collectors in the city of Novosibirsk and the problems occurring during their operation. The main reason for large diameter collector destruction - gas corrosion and conditions of its initiation - is shown. Selection of materials for protection of collectors against gas corrosion is made.
Key words: main collectors, gas corrosion, collector protection, destruction, hydrogen sulphide, degasifiers.
UDC 628.247.1
G. N. Khutornyuk, T. M. Gundyreva, G. T. Ambrosova, A. A. Funk.
Experience of Biogenic Elements Removal from Wastewater
Potentialities of the introduction of modern technologies of nitrogen and phosphorous removal from wastewater at sewage treatment facilities are evaluated. With that end in view, the experience in designing and operation of three sewerage treatment facilities sites, where biological and combined methods of biogenic elements removal from wastewater are used, is considered.
Key words: nitrogen, phosphorous, nitrificator, denitrificator, bioreactor, sewerage treatment facilities.
UDC 628.35.661.5.63
Yu. G. Bagaev, V. M. Veshkurtsev, T. M. Gundyreva, G. N. Khutornyuk.
New Technical Solutions at Novosibirsk's Sewerage Treatment Facilities
It is told about the introduction of technical solutions favouring the improvement of production characteristics and reduction of own expenditure for production, and prolongation of equipment operation life as well at sewerage treatment facilities.
Key words: sewerage treatment facilities, settling tanks, sand catchers, mixer, grease bunker.
UDC 628.32.004.2
Yu. G. Bagaev, N. A. Ivanov, M. G. Ivanova.
Impact of Flocculants on Structure and Properties of Dewatered Sludge
Data of the experiments and tests in dewatering of wastewater sludge with flocculants are presented. Features and properties of sludge dewatered using polyacrylamide and polyethyleneoxide flocculants are described. A hypothesis is also proposed of the nature of the creation of a jelly-like consistence and of the reasons for manifestation of thixotropic properties of sludge treated with polyacrylamide flocculants.
Key words: wastewater sludge, dewatering, humidity, sludge beds, polyacrylamide flocculants, polyethylenoxide.
UDC 628.336.57
Yu. G. Bagaev, V. M. Veshkurtsev, T. M. Gundyreva, S. L. Timofeev.
Wastewater Sludge Treatment is a Pledge of Ecological Purity
The engineering and technical measures realized by the Novosibirsk MUE Gorvodokanal, and aimed at the improvement of wastewater sludge treatment and utilization facilities are presented.
Key words: sewerage treatment facilities, sludge treatment and dewatering, sludge beds, storage sites, sludge utilization.
UDC 628.336.57
Yu. G. Bagaev, N. V. Karpov, A. P. Usachev.
Frequency Control of Pumping Units in Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems
The results of the 11-year work aimed at the introduction of frequency control of pumping unit output in the water supply and water disposal systems of the Novosibirsk Gorvodokanal are presented. A brief description of high-voltage frequency control station installed in 2008 at the main water supply pumping station of the 4th lift is given. A functional scheme is presented.
Key words: frequency-regulated electric drive, pumping station, frequency converter.
UDC 621.65:62-531.3:628.1.2
I. V. Valuyskikh, D. S. Pokazaniev, V. V. Boldyrev, A. V. Paletsky, S. R. Shterner, S. E. Frizen.
Control over Process of Potable Water Treatment with Local Automation Means
The optimization of technological processes of water treatment at Novosibirsk pumping-filtering stations is executed on the basis of control-measuring and control modules produced by NVTS Unitok Co. These modules make it possible to test the quality of water treatment at different stages of the process under the conditions of real time and to control the dosing of reagents used.
Key words: control-measuring module, reagent treatment of water, automatic control, automatic dosing of reagents, potable water.
UDC 628.162:658.52.011.56
N. V. Karpov, V. M. Shvarts, S. L. Elistratov, A. I. Bivalkevich.
Technical and Economical Evaluation of the Heat Pumps Use for Heat Supply of Water Economy Objects
A procedure of technical and economical evaluation of the use of heat pumps is described. The results of comparative calculations for heat pumps, electric, coal, and gas-fired boilers are presented. Investment possibilities of projects of replacement of electric boilers with heat pumps are shown.
Key words: heat pump, heat production cost price, time of expenses recoupment, profit norm, net discounted profit.
UDC 621.577.003.13
Yu. N. Pokhil, A. F. Dekkert, D. S. Pokazaniev, P. I. Andriyanets, A. P. Andriyanets.
Dispatching Control and Automation of Technological Processes at Objects of the Novosibirsk MUE Gorvodokanal
The experience in development and operation of automated control system of technological processes (ACS TP) at the objects of the Novosibirsk MUE Gorvodokanal is expounded. Unification and renovation of the technical means and software, compatibility of program decisions, laying the centralized data base have ensured the use of ACS TP means for the solution of closely-related tasks. The monitoring of economic characteristics - power consumption, volume of wastewater pumped, specific power consumption - is introduced. High technical level and operation reliability of ACS TP means introduced make it possible to run sewerage pumping stations without attending personnel and to practically exclude accidents.
Key words: automation, monitoring, data base, technological process, program and technical complex, dispatching center, compatibility, unification.
UDC 628.1.2.62-523
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