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E. I. Pupyrev.
MosvodokanaNIIproekt Institute and Its Contribution to Development of City Engineering Systems
Main directions of research and design-development works of the MosvodokanalNIIproekt Institute in the field of environment protection and creation of life support systems - water supply, water disposal, automated control systems of city economy, sanitary treatment of city are presented.
Key words: engineering works, water supply, water disposal, waste treatment, snow-melting stations, scientific and technical programs.
UDC 628.1.2.3


E. I. Pupyrev.
Tendencies of Designing of Modern Water Treatment Facilities
Tendencies of designing of modern treatment facilities according to the technologies intended not only for big cities, but for medium and small settlements as well, are expounded. A possibility of the use of domestic technologies and equipment that is actual under the conditions of crisis is analyzed.
Key words: water supply and water disposal systems, standards of designing activity, water treatment technology, automation of technological processes.
UDC 628.
A. V. Koverga, V. I. Mirkis.
Reconstruction of Moscow Water Treatment Stations
Modern solutions on the technologies of water treatment and sludge processing realized at Moscow water treatment stations are presented. Variants of inclusion of ozonosorption and membrane technologies in the general scheme of water treatment at the operating stations are presented. Schemes providing for the processing of all types of discharges with subsequent pumping of supernatant into the city sewerage are developed. The scheme of conversion of stations to the use of chemical sodium hypochlorite is described.
Key words: water treatment station, ozonosorption, disinfection, sodium hypochlorite, water supply sludge.
UDC 628.16.004.69
M. G. Zhurba, Zh. M. Govorova.
Methodology of the Analysis of Efficiency of Operating Water Treatment Complexes
On the basis of operational data new methods of definition of full guaranteed output of water treatment stations under the conditions of water quality deterioration in water sources and toughenings of requirements to the level of its treatment are offered. Examples of definition of criteria of sanitary-and-hygienic reliability of flow sheets of water treatment concerning hardly removable ingredients are presented. The principle of reasonable combination of the sufficient degree of reliability of flow sheets and economic efficiency at the introduction of modern innovative technologies at the stage of modernization of operating water treatment complexes is substantiated.
Key words: potable water, water treatment, methodology, sanitary-andhygienic reliability, guaranteed productivity, complex analysis.
UDC 628.16
S. V. Khramen kov, Yu. D. Braslavsky, G. B. Perelshteyn, A. P. Abreimov.
Improvement of Ecological and Industrial Safety of the Moscow Water Supply System When Using Sodium Hypochlorite
With a view to improving ecological and industrial safety of the Moscow water supply system the conversion of water treatment stations to the use of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of potable water is carried out. The project of construction of a facility for production of sodium hypochlorite with the use of foreign technology of membrane electrolysis has been executed.
Key words: water treatment station, safety of water supply systems, disinfection, sodium hypochlorite, membrane electrolysis.
UDC 628.162.8:661.41
O. G. Primin, V. N. Porshnev, O. A. Platonova, I. G. Ishchenko, N. P. Kuzmina, E. V. Shushkevich, S. Yu. Serov.
Concept of Ensuring Sanitary Reliability of Water Quality in the Moscow Water Supply Network
Main provisions of the Concept of ensuring sanitary reliability of water quality in the Moscow city water supply system are presented. The concept was developed by the State Unitary Enterprise MosvodokanalNIIproekt in cooperation with the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise Mosvodokanal in 2008.
Key words: water supply network, pipelines, sanitary reliability, sanitaryand-hygienic safety, chemical corrosion.
UDC 628.
B. A. Vaysfeld, A. S. Shelomkov.
Introduction of Modern Technologies into Designs of Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Processing Facilities
Experience in designing of wastewater treatment and sludge processing facilities with application of modern technologies is presented.
Key words: treatment facilities, wastewater, sludge, biogenic elements, disinfection, aftertreatment.
UDC 628.32.336.0012
E. I. Pupyrev, N. V. Zakhvataeva, A. S. Shelomkov, A. Yu. Kozhushko.
Biogalvanic Method of Phosphates Removal from Wastewater
Reasons for insufficient efficiency of application of the method of biological dephosphation of wastewater are analyzed. More precise biogalvanic method of treatment for phosphates is offered.
Key words: wastewater treatment, phosphates, dephosphation, biogalvanic method, microorganisms of activated sludge, aerotank.
UDC 628.35:661.63
E. I. Pupyrev, S. V. Khramenkov, M. Shpis, S. A. Streltsov, G. B. Perelshteyn.
Mini Heat-and-Power Station Operating on Biogas from Wastewater Treatment Stations
For the first time in Russia the investment project of mini-heat-andpower station generating electricity and heat at the expense of burning of biogas generated in the course of sludge treatment has been realized at the Kuryanovskie treatment facilities in Moscow.
Key words: sludge, mini-heat-and-power station, biogas, burning.
UDC 628.336.52.385.1.2:621.311.28
E. A. Rakhman.
Quality Management System at the State Unitary Enterprise MosvodokanalNIIproekt
The system of control over complex and multiform process of designing - quality management system on the basis of International Standard ISO 9000 - operates throughout 10 years at the MosvodokanalNIIproekt Institute.
Key words: designing, quality management system, internal audit.
UDC 628.
D. I. Privin.
Modern Systems of Automated Control for Enterprises of Municipal Water Supply and Water Disposal
Modern systems of automated control developed by the MosvodokanalNIIproekt Institute for municipal water supply and water disposal enterprises are described. An attempt to find an objective estimation of control systems quality and perspectivity of used design decisions is made.
Key words: water supply, water disposal, automated control system of technological process.
UDC 621.398:628.16.32
I. V. Malinina, G. P. Varyushina.
Improvement of Technology of Surface Wastewater Treatment
Improved technology of disinfection of surface wastewater meets the requirements made for discharge of runoffs into the basins of fishing purpose. The complex of surface wastewater treatment makes it possible to solve rationally the tasks of water economy using treated water for technical needs and saving water of potable quality.
Key words: surface wastewater, sorption treatment, oil products, treatment facilities, filters.
UDC 628.218.222
I. G. Boykova, B. V. Orlov, V. G. Pechnikov, N. P. Kolyubakina.
Small Rivers - Greater Problems
For the first time the targets of reconstruction and ecological rehabilitation of the city's water stock in complex with the measures taken to improve the riverside territories are defined in the Target long-term program of rehabilitation of small rivers and basins developed by the State Unitary Enterprise MosvodokanalNIIproekt. Special attention is paid to historical water systems of the estate-park territories, rehabilitation and improvement of which are stipulated in complex with the projects of historical and architectural reconstruction.
Key words: water objects contamination, nature-conservative measures, rehabilitation of small rivers and basins, riverside territories.
UDC 712.5(282.2)
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