"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №2 2009

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Clean Potable Water Is to Become Priority for Russia in XXI Century 3


L. S. Ponomareva.
Recommendations for Application of Methods of Development of Standards of Admissible Discharge of Substances and Microorganisms into Water Objects for Water Users
The Methods of Development of Standards of Admissible Discharge of Substances and Microorganisms into Water Subjects for Water Users are considered in the view of practical application.
Key words: admissible discharge, pollution, standard, RF Water Codex, maximum admissible concentrations.
UDC 628.472.7
A. P. Zaytsev, V. M. Simakhin, N. L. Romanova, N. V. Filipovskaya.
State and Perspectives of Development of Water Accounting System at Vodokanal of St. Petersburg
The united information and measuring system of water accounting at the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga including the stock of water gauges in operation and the normative base is presented.
Key words: accounting devices, potable water, wastewater, consumers, flowmeter-counter.
UDC 628.17.08.311:681.
A. P. Svintsov, A. N. Malov, G. Kh. Masri.
Segmented Market of Water Supply and Water Disposal Services in the Housing Stock
Problems of payment for water supply and water disposal services at the segmented market of the housing stock are considered. It is shown that in the course of price policy formulation it's necessary to stimulate rational use of water by consumers.
Key words: tariff, accounting instruments, realization, water supply, water disposal, water supply input, consumers, water saving.
UDC 628.1.2:681.121.003.13
G. L. Medrish, M. V. Piskov, M. A. Semenova.
Improvement of Chlorination System Using ESCO Vacuum Meter
It is told about the improvement of chlorination systems using the ESCO vacuum chlorine dosimeters stocked with blocks of automatic chlorine dozing, instruments of control of residual chlorine in water, vacuum indicators, instruments of control of gas contamination of working zones in premises.
Key words: disinfection, chlorinator, vacuum meter, controller, gas analyser.
UDC 628.
A. V. Selyukov, S. V. Chekmareva, N. P. Kuranov, V. V. Smirnov.
Demanganization of Ground Water Using Potassium Permanganate
The results of experimental studies of demanganization of ground water typical for the north of Tyumen Region and Krasnodar Territory ensuring the necessary residual concentration of manganese are presented.
Key words: manganese, ground water, potable water, redox potential, alkalization, potassium permanganate, hardness.
UDC 628.
About Holding of the Open Competition for the State Unitary Enterprise Institut MosvodokanalNIIproyekt Prize among Young Scientists and Engineers in the Field of Water Supply and Water Disposal in 2009 41
V. V. Kuzmin, K. A. Boldyrev.
Hydrogeochemical Aspects of Migration of Dissolved Oil Products in Ground Water
A combined model uniting the scheme of microbiological decomposition of dissolved oil products with the model, which considers geochemical changes in the process of biodegradation of organic substances in ground water, is presented. On the basis of modelling it is shown that, in certain cases, during hydrocarbons biodecomposition the transition of metals creating strong carbonate complexes into dissolved state is possible as a result of increase in concentration of carbonate-ion.
Key words: ground water, anthropogenic pollution, biodegradation, oil products, geochemical modelling.
UDC 628.192:556.388.001.572
M. V. Shuvalov, A. K. Strelkov, R. M. Shuvalov, M. A. Gridneva.
Features of Sewerage of Low-Rise Housing Construction Areas
On the basis of analysis a new conception of design, construction and operation of municipal sewer systems in small human settlements and at the low-rise housing construction areas of cities introduced into design practice of the Samara Region is proposed.
Key words: small human settlements, centralized sewerage scheme, decentralized sewerage system, municipal treatment facilities, local treatment facilities.
UDC 628.2/3
E.-H. Glaesel.
Automated Press Filters for Sludge Dewatering
B. V. Vasiliev, B. G. Mishukov, E. A. Solovieva.
Reagent Removal of Phosphorus from Municipal Wastewater
Different flow charts of phosphorous removal using the reagent method at the operating treatment facilities of St. Petersburg are analyzed and described.
Key words: reagent removal of phosphorous, wastewater treatment, sludge mixture, wastewater sludge, settlement tank.
UDC 628.3
O. A. Gribova, M. Yu. Seregin, N. S. Serpokrylov.
Ovicide Preparation BINGSTI for Dehelmintization of Wastewater and Sludge
The results of sanitary and parasitology studies of wastewater and sludge during the industrial use of ovicide preparation BINGSTI are presented. The dependence of the efficiency of treatment of wastewater and sludge with this preparation on wastewater discharge and climatic zone where sewage treatment facilities are located is considered.
Key words: parasitic pathogens, dehelmintization, desinvasion, wastewater, sediments, treatment facilities.
UDC 628.322.01/.09
V. I. Bazhenov, N. A. Krivoshchekova.
Economic Analysis of Biological Waste Water Treatment Systems on the Basis of Index - Life Cycle Expenditures
It is proposed to use the index of life cycle expenditures used widely abroad for technical and economic evaluation of wastewater biological treatment systems including the removal of biogenous elements.
Key words: design solutions, reduced expenditures, working costs, capital investments, technical and economic comparison.
UDC 657.478.8:628.35
Provision of Ecological Safety of Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems in the City of Novosibirsk and Other Cities of Siberia Region 78
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 2 83

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